\\| ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷\ adjective
Etymology: bread and butter
1. now chiefly Britain : adolescent : marked by the weakness, naïveté, or forcelessness of a juvenile : schoolgirlish
a. : associated or connected with earning a livelihood, making money, or other mundane practical purposes

a practical bread-and-butter education

too busy with the bread-and-butter side of life to attend many social functions — A.T.Weaver

b. : staple, sustaining : dependable as a source of income often through being in steady demand

concentrating on bread-and-butter products rather than fads

don't overlook a bread-and-butter item that could be boosting your dollar volume — Circle & Monogram

3. : sent or given by way of thanks for hospitality

a bread-and-butter letter to his hostess

* * *

/bred"n but"euhr/, adj.
1. providing a livelihood or basic source of income; supplying the basic needs of life: a bread-and-butter job; the agency's bread-and-butter account.
2. of or pertaining to basic needs: housing and other bread-and-butter political issues.
3. basic or everyday; staple; routine.
4. expressing thanks for hospitality: a bread-and-butter letter.
[1720-30; adj. use of n. phrase bread and butter]

* * *

breadˈ-and-buttˈer noun
1. Bread sliced and buttered
2. Livelihood
1. Connected with making a living or with the consumption of bread-and-butter
2. Materialistic, practical
3. Youthful, naive
4. Ordinary, routine
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Main Entry:bread

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bread-and-butter UK US adjective
very important or the most basic

a bread-and-butter issue

Thesaurus: natural, basic and essentialsynonym importantsynonym

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1. bread spread with butter.
2. Figurative. things necessary to live; a living; livelihood: »

He earns his bread and butter by selling cars.

bread-and-butter «BREHD uhn BUHT uhr», adjective.
1. Informal. a) basic; staple: »

Wagner's operas have never…been bread-and-butter items of the record companies as have Verdi and Puccini (Harper's).

b) prosaic; commonplace: »

bread-and-butter situation comedy.

SYNONYM(S): mundane.
2. expressing thanks for hospitality: »

a bread-and-butter letter.

3. Informal. of or like a boy or girl; adolescent: »

bread-and-butter schoolgirls.

4. controlled by material wants and desires; mercenary: »

bread-and-butter schemes.

* * *

adj, always used before a noun
1 : basic and important

bread-and-butter economic issues

2 : dependable as a source of income or success

the company's bread-and-butter products

His bread-and-butter pitch has always been his fastball.

* * *

ˌbread-and-ˈbutter [bread-and-butter] adjective only before noun
basic; very important

Employment and taxation are the bread-and-butter issues of politics.

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